Smolov Jr Training Journal – Week 2

Today we follow up with Adam and hear how week 2 of Smolov Jr bench went for him. If you missed week 1, you can find it here. Take it away Adam….

This week was a little harder for 2 reasons. One Christmas holiday. Great to have day off and be with family but getting to gym(for commercial gyms) no training partners, as weights get heavier need some support help encouragement. Gyms however have no wait to get on equipment so that is a plus.

Trying to fit in legs was not easy, along with Smolov Jr bench, we had some bad weather and trying to get to a gym 20 min from house on Christmas Eve with shopping traffic, bad weather I had to go close to home gym and did some smith machine squats ( I hate them), but went extra deep, hi reps and legs were plenty sore.


I changed my schedule due to holiday went Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Friday I was actually the most sore probably not eating usual foods and sleep pattern different. Workout one 225 6 sets of 6 reps no problems, weights were very easy as well as workout 240 lbs for 7 sets of 5 reps. All again no spots no training partners.

My weight is up slightly to 178 lbs 1-2 lbs and pants still fit. My upper body from the volume looks much fuller especially my chest. I also have added back two times a week, not long workouts, but pullups at least 2 times and rows at least once. It helps keep balance I feel and also helps work rear delts which need support from all benching.

I do not recommend long intense back workout but just enough to maintain. Workout 3 was tough I took one of the chrome bars to start and my focus was off I feel and I was struggling 255 for 8 sets 4 reps, 4 set I changed bars as it was rolling in my hands. Sets 5- 8 were better with better bar and more focus on set up arch keeping shoulders in proper position.

Saturday workout 4, 270lbs for 10 sets 3 reps warmup felt ok did singles with 185, 225 and 245 and was easy going to 270 lbs. Went to a power rack just in case as I did not have anyone to spot. Also needed to ice my left shoulder and do rotator cuff exercises but feel ok today.

First 4 sets were good had 2 minute rests and was ok starting at sets 5 and 6 needed longer rests and completed the 10 sets in about 34 minutes. I raised hand with fist pump in air at sets 9 and 10. Set 10 actually felt better than 9.

I feel with no competition bar it is hard to see were to set up my grip and it may affect my push. Last set I feel if I had a spot maybe 1 to 2 more reps not sure but was not impossible and have room to grow into week 3 looking forward to it but I am very sore today.

Check back in next week for Adam’s write up on his 3rd and final week of Smolov Jr.