Smolov Jr Training Journal – Week 1

bench press smolov jrToday’s post comes from competitive powerlifter and reader, Adam Yezer. Not only does Adam have serious lifting cred, he’s also a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist. After success a few years back with a smolov jr cycle, Adam is giving the program a shot again. You’ll hear from him each week as he progresses through the protocol. Ok, take it away Adam….

I completed week one of Smolov Jr bench. I woke up the Saturday after 4th bench of week, tired and sore, bodyweight by my scale at home down 1 lb 178 to 177(my scale may be 1 lb heavy)with no diet changes, although in my diet may have more calories. I ate more sweets than usual due to holidays. I feel the volume with obviously moderate especially 80-85% of max is enough to burn some extra calories, and some days it may even require a few xtra calories carbs or fat depending on the type of diet you are following. So here are my experiences.

Well here is how I fell back upon Smolov Jr,

Still love to compete, have been ranked in equipped bench in Ipf and have other Usapl, Aapf, upa bench records, so my competitive nature gets me through the workouts. I am trying to get my raw bench back to close to double my bodyweight. I have been getting 4 reps for multiple sets with 275 probably 1 set could get 5 reps but if I am not getting a comfortable 5 and 6 reps with 275 at my current bodyweight something is not right, so I decided to try smolov jr bench program again.

I ran smolov jr 4 years ago had great success only weighing about 160 lbs. My bench went form 300 to 315 did 2-3 singles(on test day). I was so happy I did not try but feel could have had 320 think at bodyweight of 160 lbs.

Now 1st week, feel with being heavier about 178 that pushing heavier weights but sticking to proper %of max the volume is contributing to more calories being burned and so far so good, sore & tired but handling the weights well. I just did 4th workout tonight and 10 sets of 3 reps with 265 lbs, never in my whole life was ever able to do(7 sets no spot )265 so many sets, reps without even a spot. I asked for spot for safety on last 2-3 sets. There were no safety racks either so the weight felt light enough, my confidence and technique improved at the same time over only the 1st week. I felt even on the last 2-3 sets if I did not hit the safety rack on rep on the last 2-3 sets I could have had 2 more reps.

I am tired but my form feels much better , bench feels like it is improving already being able to do 250 for 8 sets 4 reps no problems and 265 x 3 for 10 sets no problem is setting up for week 2 real well. I feel as fatigue mentally and physically on the 85% day hitting the rack on rep 3 tells me either setup can be improved or need to keep press straight up. I am looking forward to week 2 and adding the recommend 5 lbs on each lift per the Smolov Jr Calculator listed on the website.

Great stuff Adam. Can’t wait to see if you’re able to hit that goal weight at the end of the program. Stay tuned to see if he get’s there.