Smolov Story: CrossFitter Dives In



Continuing the series that we started last week, we have another user submitted experience with the Smolov Jr. cycle.  If you’d like to submit one of your own, email it to smolovjr [at]





[box]I tried out Smolov Jr after hearing about it on the Outlaw Way blog.  I’ve completed a few cycles of Wendler in the past, but had not done any specific strength programming in over a year.

I completed the three weeks of smolov jr bench and bs in the mornings and continued CrossFit workouts at my local box in the evenings.  The program was a great challenge- both mentally and physically.  More than anything, I feel much more comfortable and consistent with my lifting after benching and squatting heavy 4 days a week for 3 weeks.

I just started a new cycle of smolov jr bs this week.



Regimen: Smolov Jr. / 5lbs increments (BS), 2.5lbs increments (BP)

Lifts: High Bar Backsquat and Bench Press

Accessory Work: None – Continued CrossFit WODs 5 – 6 days / week


  • High Bar Backsquat
    • Before: 173 lbs
    • After: 187 lbs
  • Bench Press
    • Before: 132 lbs
    • After: 141 lbs



Nice gains!  About 8% on the BS and 7% on the BP.  Remember, to have your story featured, email it to smolovjr [at]