Smolov Story: Big Gains



We’re going to begin a new series here on the site called Smolov Stories which will feature reader submissions highlighting the results they got from their Smolov or Smolov Jr. cycle.  If you’d like to submit one of your own, email it to smolovjr [at]  Our first submission is from a reader that applied Smolov Jr to his squat and bench.




[box] I ran the Smolov Jr. cycle, gave myself 5 days to deload and then retested my lifts.  I wanted to focus on high bar back squat, so I used that 1RM to calculate my loads for squatting.  I had recently been doing some conjugate training which really improved my squat and bench, but I wanted to mix it up a bit, so I decided to give Smolov Jr a shot.

I can say that the three weeks of the program included some of the toughest sets of squats I’ve ever done.  I did make it through each session without failing a set – though came very close to loosing the weight a few times.  I used 5 lbs increments week to week.  In then end, I saw a 30lb improvement in my squat and a 15lb improvement in my bench.  In my opinion, that’s fantastic for 3 weeks of work.  I’ll probably repeat the program again soon to see if subsequent sessions are just as effective.



Regimen: Smolov Jr. / 5lbs increments

Lifts: High Bar Backsquat and Bench Press

Accessory Work: None


  • High Bar Backsquat
    • Before: 285 lbs
    • After: 315 lbs
  • Bench Press
    • Before: 200 lbs
    • After: 215 lbs



Wow, over 10% gain in backsquat in 3 weeks isn’t too shabby… strong work.  Remember, to have your story featured, email it to smolovjr [at]