Smolov Internet Round-up

In today’s post, we will highlight a few other sources from the interwebs, where you can get your fix of Smolov-related content. forum.  The community here seemed to get mixed results with Smolov.  A number of people complained of injury as a result of the program while others noted that most of the significant improvements they’d seen in their lifts were a direct result of the protocol.

T-Nation forum. Again, a mixed bag here.  Some folks swear by it, while others felt they lost their gains quickly after the completion of the program.

Starting Strength forum. This group is more focused on detailing their experiences with the full, 13-week Smolov program.

Pendlay forum. Here we’re seeing guys that have mixed up the regimen and used it for lifts such as their deadlift.  We also see some guys recommending to only do the program one or two times a year.