Smolov To Hatch


Looking for another challenging squat program?

Perhaps one that is more targeted for weightlifters…?

If so, consider the Hatch Squat Program.  This protocol was developed by Olympic Coach Gayle Hatch to train his athletes and others.   Hatch Squat is a 12-week program that follows a simple 2 day per week training schedule. Though you certainly shouldn’t mistake this program for easy.

To get started, simply click over to the Hatch Squat Calculator to guide you in each of your sessions. All that you need to begin is your current back and front squat maxes.  Input these numbers into the spreadsheet or the online calculator and it will automatically compute the weights you need to use each week.

Similar to the Smolov program, this is a taxing squat program and you need to make sure you prioritize recovery – otherwise, you may find yourself injured.  For more information on this program be sure to visit the Hatch Squat website.   Here you’ll find information on warm-ups, accessory work, and more specifics on program execution.

Don’t forget to share your Hatch Squat results after!