Smolov and Dynamic Effort Lifting

Weeks 7 and 8 during the full, 13-week Smolov program are a prime opportunity to take a break from heavy lifting and utilize dynamic effort work to develop power in your lifts.  So what is dynamic effort exactly?  It is typically defined as working at submaximal loads at maximum speed.

What is meant by submaximal loads?  Well, the exact percentages are somewhat dependent on the training status and experience of the lifter, but the 40 to 60% range of a 1 rep max is typical.  When performing a dynamic effort lift, the load should be lowered quickly, once at the bottom of the lift, direction should be changed and the load should be lifted rapidly to full lock out.

The dynamic effort method is commonly used as a part of conjugate strength training, made popular by Westside Barbell.  For more info on dynamic effort lifting, check out this article over at Synergy Athletics.