Hey there lifter! Have a question in mind? Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions about the 20 Rep Squat Program to get you started.

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  1. How long does the program last?

The program generally last for six weeks that is if you plan to do the standard 3 workouts per week. You can opt to go for an eight-week program wherein you would be working out 2x per week. The choice among the two options really depends on how quickly your body recovers.

  1. How do I figure out my starting weight?

First, you need to figure out your 5RM (that would be your end weight for the program) and then subtract five pounds for every session. See formula below:

Starting Weight= 5RM-[5lbs (3workouts per week*6 weeks)]


  1. What weight should I use for the other exercises?

The rule is simple, the weight should not be more than what you will be using for your squats. The exercises are meant as accessory movements.

  1. What form of squat should I use?

Good form of course! Feel free to use high or low bar, it really depends on your goals. Are you a weightlifter? Maybe high bar is better for you. Powerlifter? Maybe low bar is the way to go.

  1. When should I take my milk?

Taking milk before a workout is definitely a NO go as there is a risk of you vomiting during the work-out. Take it all throughout the day after you have done your workout. Do your best to stick with the the prescribed one gallon per day though.

  1. What if a gallon each day is too much for me?

If eight pints sound like too much, you may choose alternative protein supplements but just like the milk, make sure to take it after the workout.

  1. Can I do this program continuously?

Since this program is very physically challenging, we suggest you take at least a six week break after completing the cycle before going for another round of the 20-rep squat.

  1. What exercise can I do for warm-up?

Before you go for a whole set of the squat, make sure to perform a few sets of ten reps with a lighter weight. You may also add in some stretching and mobility work as part of the warm-up.