Benching with Smolov

smolov-jr-benchOne of the top complaints I’ve seen as I’ve been digging through the various online smolov-related forums is injuries incurred while using the program for bench press.  Benching heavy 4 days a week has a way of exposing poor technique, resulting in injury – usually to the shoulders.  Make sure you take the time to develop proper bench press form prior to tackling a Smolov Jr cycle.

In the gym the fault I notice most frequently with folks is massive internal rotation of the shoulders as the weights get heavy.  This can usually be corrected by taking time to 1) make sure you have your shoulder blades squeezed behind you throughout the lift and 2) think about pulling the bar apart or bending the bar in half during the lift.  Keeping these two pointers in mind will go a long way toward keeping your shoulders safe while benching.

T-Nation has a good article with 10 tips to performing the bench press correctly.  Read it over and ensure you’re lifting safely before starting your smolov cycle.