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Smolov Program

The full Smolov cycle is a brutal 13-week reckoning only appropriate for experienced lifters. Those that make out the other side will be rewarded with a huge jump in their squat.

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Smolov Jr Program

Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated, 3-week version, of the full Smolov cycle. Unlike full Smolov, it is also used for other lifts like bench press, deadlift, etc.

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Smolov Calculator

The Smolov calculator will take your current max and compute the loads you should use each and every lifting day in the 13 week cycle - and provide them in a handy, printable table you can take to the gym.

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Smolov Jr. Calculator

The Smolov Jr. calculator computes the weights you should use for the 3 week program based on your current max. Use this for your squat, bench or other power lifting movements.

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